Suit prices

Each and every made-to-measure suit that we make is unique with numerous fabric, lining and style combinations. Our mission is to give you the options of the cloth style and fit that is right for you. Therefore our pricing structure is very flexible, however, as a guide based on a 2-piece-suit we can offer the following:

Typical Price for a 2-piece suit
£695 - £795
£795 - £895
£895 - £1500
From £3500
Fabric Selection
Fine Yorkshire & European worsteds in a very wide range in different weights colours and designs.
Super 100s and Super 120s wools including 'cool wool' lightweight fabrics, also a high-grade Yorkshire worsteds.
Super 140s and 160s wool plus wool/cashmere, wool/silk and other speciality fabric.
The Ultimate Bespoke cloth with your name woven into a stripe of the fabric.
Made to Measure

Home/Office Visiting Service

Full Style Specification

Padded Lapels

Floating Chest Canvas

Choice of Linings

No Hidden Extras

Fabric definitions


Worsted wool is made of fine long fibres woven in a tight weave. Of all men's suitings, Worsted has been accepted as the standard fabric to use. But there are different types of high-quality wool and different grades to take note of.

Superfine 100's

This finer cloth is lovely to the touch whilst retaining excellent durability. Superfine 100's make excellent everyday suits with a touch of luxury.

Superfine 120's/130's

With this cloth, the wool can be blended with cashmere to give a soft luxurious handle. This cloth travels well and is cool in the summer.

Superfine 160's

We have superfine 160's fabrics. Not all tailors can handle this luxurious type of fabric.

Speciality fabrics

Our fabrics are sourced from the world's finest mills and cloth merchants including Dormeuil, Scabal, Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry & John G Hardy.

Grading of wool: Good quality wool is graded from the 170s through to super 160s and above. Higher numbers represent the fineness of the wool fibre. The finer the wool fibre means that more fibre has to be used is the fabric to create a tighter weave, hence better crease recovery from wrinkles etc. Naturally, the higher the grade the more expensive the wool will be. Apart from the wool quality, the weaving and finishing of the fabric are equally as important.

All our fabrics are sourced from reputable mills and cloth merchants. We have over 2000 fabrics in our collection. However, if we don't have the right fabric we will endeavour to source this for you.