The Ideal Wardrobe

The Ideal Wardrobe


What should be in every man’s wardrobe

Over the years there has become more and more TV shows and magazine articles telling the public about their ‘must-haves’. Each year these ‘must-haves’ seem to chop and change. It’s a wonder to me that anyone can fit them all in their wardrobe.

It is said that fashion is fickle but style endures.

Below are tips on how you should select the contents of your wardrobe.


A well fitted white shirt is the male equivalent of a woman’s ‘Little Black Dress’. Choose clothes that can be ‘mixed and matched’ to go with other garments and be worn for a variety of occasions.


Pick a colour range that suits you such as grey or navy and sticks within that pallet. Then add classics such as a white or black shirt to that range and still look fantastic.


A well-tailored, quality wool suit will always look stylish and will give you many years of wear and inner confidence. Try not to buy ‘fashion trends’ as your wardrobe will soon be dated.


Always buy the best you can afford. Cheap clothes are made from inferior fabrics that seldom retain their shape or colour after a few washes or dry cleaning.


Jackets, shirts and trousers should all be tailored whenever possible. Few people are a ‘standard shape’ so having garments made for you will ensure you look your best.


It’s the little details such as ties, cuff links and belts that really set off a wardrobe, including a smart looking watch.


Look after your clothes. Invest in a trouser press and buy quality clothes hangers that won’t disfigure your clothes. Always hang garments up after wearing. Use good quality shoe trees to keep your shoes in shape. Rotate the wearing of your clothes - they will surprisingly last a lot longer.