Dressing for Work

Dressing for Work

How dressing well can help you keep your job

What comes first? The suit or success?

Alexander Rose have many customers who work in recruitment or who are responsible for the hiring and firing within their organisation. As the recession grows deeper many companies are now looking to ‘trim the fat’.

Over the last few months we have asked them all this one single question:

“If you had to make one of two people redundant. Both had equal experience, both had the same family background, both were equally good at their job and they both had the same salary but one took pride in their personal appearance and one was a little scruffy. Which would you make redundant?”

If you needed telling, 100% of them said that when faced with the above situation, they would keep the well-presented employee. The reason? Their appearance suggested that they projected a better company image than the ‘scruffy’ employee. The comment was also made that promotion prospects greatly improve for clean smartly dressed employees.

  1. Is my hair clean and well-groomed?
  2. Are my shoes polished?
  3. Are my shirt, tie, cufflink, belt and shoes complementary to each other?
  4. Am I clean-shaven?
  5. Is my shirt ironed?
  6. Are my trousers well pressed?
  7. Is my shirt tucked in?
  8. Do my socks match?