How To Dress To Impress

How To Dress To Impress

Many Alexander Rose customers are at the very top of their game. They work hard, are shrewd, have great ideas and always look 100% ready for business. They often ask, what sort of suit should I wear for work? The answer is simple. Your best one.

When times are hard and jobs are scarce suit sales always increase. People make an effort to either retain or get a new job. A large part of that effort goes into looking good. It’s where the phrase ‘dress to impress’ originated.

So what does come first, the suit or the success?

Nearly all of our customers are of the opinion that the suit comes first. People form opinions within the first few moments of laying eyes on you.
These first impressions can often be hard to change. A well presented person always makes a good impression right from the start. Continually wearing a suit and looking smart means you are always making that right first impression, after all, you never know who you might bump into in a working day.

  • Always research how your customers or colleagues will be dressing, it helps you look the part and boosts your confidence.
  • Always keep a spare suit at the office. You may have to see a ‘relaxed’ client in the morning then receive a surprise visit from an important customer in the afternoon. Don’t let yourself get
    caught out.
  • Remove your jacket when wearing a seat belt, and always wear your tie over your seat belt. This will prevent any damage to your tie from the friction of the seat belt. You can always spot the person who wears a seat belt over their jacket. They have a shine on their shoulders which can spoil a good suit!